Niels Winther

Tværvej 10
DK 3390 Hundested
tel. : (45) 47 98 27 63
fax: (45) 47 98 27 64

Poet, visual artist, composer, performer and arranger. Vocalist, in principle handling any instrument.

Born 1948 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Singer and songwriter in following groups :
Billy Moodkey and the Profitkids, Zabbo Rock, Paravion Show, Parma Band, ParaVion,Donna Summer & His Fri-manns, Trio-Tape

Hometown Poems, 11 Poems, Utop - Necessary Poems, Hvedekorn

Glowstop automatic (KMLP 1983)
You are Kay (Happy End Productions 1986)
ParaVion ParaVion (KPLP 1981)
SKRÆP - 93(TOCD 6001)

Brandts Klædefabrik- Odense, Kanal 2-Galleri 38, Wall Street Movement,Kilato Galeria Budapest, Overgaden - Copenhagen, Private Artexhibition Associations.
Permanent hanging at Post Danmark, Tåstrup.

multimedia arrangements
The Poetry Express 1986, Car Horn Concert 1987, Crane Ballet 1989, Nord Impro 1996, EIO/EEC 1996, Town Hall Concert 1996


"We must report the Queen to God, for all is not as it should be -and the rest is filling."

In 1988 Niels Winther founded SKRÆP together with Dan Marmorstein as a forum for experimental music in DJBFA (Danish Jazz-Beat-Folk-Authors).
TRAVELS in music and art throughout Europe, New York, India, Marocco.

SKRÆP works

Stone Vocal, tapes and stones, 1988
Into the White Vocal, tapes and syntheziser, 1989
No Pieces Allowed Saxophone,drums,el-guitar,el-bass,vocals and synthezisers, 1990
AHxHa - overture for La Bohême II. Saxophone,el-guitar, drum machine and vocals, 1990
Heavymetal Zahnarzt - The dishwasher Aria from La Bohême II. Tin-washing-up tub, dishes, cups, glasses, knives, forks and spoons, vocal, el-bass, el-guitar and keyboard, 1990
Rodolfo´s Daydream in an Armchair Vocal, tapes and keyboard, 1991
Masinmuchic Vocal, tape and synth
Mimis Arie Music Søren Berggreen, vocal and piano
say fence Vocal and prepared tapes
Babel Label Keyboard, el-guitar and vocal
The Circle Preparered tapes, vocal and el-guitar
Kingstone Stone, vocal and 2 ghetto blasters
Transparent Tape, el-guitar and vocal
Boulevard Voltaire Mixed ensemble and vocal
TROPIA - telephone from Mone Guitar and vocal
Unheard Connections Tape,vocal, el-guitar
Moonmark Guitar trio
L´homme préhistorique bat Bison tape & vocal
Stone 3- the sight from nowhere tape,bass,guitar,clarinet and vocal
New York Suite No.1 tape, vocal, guitar, bass, clarinet, sax.
New York Suite No.2 tape, vocal, guitar, bass, clarinet, sax.
New York Sweet..tape, vocal, guitar, bass, clarinet.
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