SKRÆP was founded in l988 by a circle of twelwe composers and performers. "Experimental Music Forum" was the added to the name to specify the direction. In this year the organization can celebrate the10th anniversary.
The forum is aiming at discussions around individual works in order to break the isolation of new composers, and give an opportunity to present their work in public by arranging concerts.
Also the forum wants to break down the boundaries between the established genrers by inviting composers from other circles to perform works at the SKRæP concerts.

The first concert took place in October 1988 in the Pilou art gallery in Copenhagen. The succes according to many interested listeners was overwhelming.
Since then the association has held concerts in Copenhagen at specially chosen locations. Venues include the winter garden in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek art museum, various art galleries and small theaters such as Posthusteatret and Caféteatret, and the Delta Bio cinema. Also, churches like Marmorkirken, Helligkors Kirke at Nørrebro, Galleri Kunstkorridoren Nådada, Galleri Stalke a.o. have been venues. Furthermore, SKRÆP has made tours to major cities throughout Denmark, educational projects at Den Rytmiske Højskole (The Rythmic Highschool) in Vig, cooperation with Kulturfabrikken (The Culture Factory) at Amager.

The 1996 program for the EU Culture City Copenhagen was the biggest and most ambitious program that Skræp carried out. In this program, called "Odyssé for Ears" the establishment of EIO European Improvisers Orchestra, EEC European Experimental Composers was carried out.
The international connections has been increasing during the years. Both Scandinavian artists as well as artist from Europe, the U.S., Japan and Canada has participated in the programs.

With SKRÆP there is an obligation for creation - in order to find a new musical identity in cultural and technological landscapes that surround us. This identity evolves as a dialogue between the composers, the music/the soundpictures and between the audience and the performers.
All associates has an aim to provoke themselves into presenting works that include performance, body-art, and combinations of acoustic, natural sound with amplified electronic instruments.
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