SKRÆP members

Henning Frimann - percussion & soundsculpture
Pierre Dørge - electric guitar, keyboards, vocal
Niels Winther - recitation & tapes, clarinet, alto saxophone, performance
Vagn E. Olsson - synthesizers, novelist
Peter Friis Nielsen - electric bass
P.O. Jørgens - drums & percussion, midioutfit, producer
Olga Magieres - piano
Jørgen Teller - el-guitar, electronics, computer etc.
Søren Gorm - electric bass, doublebass, midi-outfit
Per Buhl Acs - electronics, live-mix, electric guitar, clarinet, keyboards
Jakob Brandt-Pedersen - drawingpad instrument, laptop, graphic designer
Tobias Kirstein - electricity, drums, sinewaves, soundinstallations
Morten Carlsen - saxophones, reeds, interactive computer
Martin Klapper - amplified objects, toys, dictaphone, tapes, grammophone, films
Ewa Jacobsson - vocal, tapes, painter

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