Musicians who has participated in SKRÆP programs:

Steve Beresford (GB)
Johannes Bergmark (S)
Tony Bevan (GB)
Raoul Björkenheim (SF)
Jaap Blonk (NL)
Peter Brötzmann (D)
John Butcher (GB)
Rüdiger Carl (D)
Rhys Chatham (US)
Lol Coxhill (GB)
Mats Gustavsson (S)
Erhard Hirt (D)
Christer Irgens-Møller (DK)
Sven Åke Johansson (D)
Zachar Laskewicz (AUSTR)
Radu Malfatti (A)
Phil Minton (GB)
Yasuhiro Otani (Japan)
Evan Parker (GB)
Eric Ross (USA)
LaDonna Smith (USA)
Jorma Tapio (SF)
John Tchicai (DK/US)
David Thomas (USA)
Pat Thomas(GB)
Roger Turner (GB)
Hainer Wörmann (D)
Carlos Zingaro (P)

Information about musicians & record labels (mainly in Great Britain)
European Free Improvisation,

News about the scene of improvised music in Scandinavia:
and addresses in Scandinavia and international links of interest

conducted by
Johannes Bergmark, self-built instruments, co-ordinator of impronews Scandinavia

Inituitive music in Denmark by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen


Record Company and organizer of experimental and improvised music in Copenhagen. Kronprinsensgade 7, mezz. DK-1114 København K
Tel/fax +45 3393 6093

The Improviser
American website/international periodical about improvised music based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Edited by LaDonna Smith a.o.
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