Martin Klapper

Martin Klapper
Sankt Hansgade 6A
DK Copenhagen 2200 N
Tel. (45) 35 363899

Born 1963 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Composer, musician, visual artist

Works mostly with collage, assemblage and mixed media (experiments with less conventional materials such as wax, foam rubber, plastic, minerals...etc). Since 1981 active in the field of experimental music and multimedial performances/actions.

From 1980 participation in, and organizer of, various performances with the under- ground group "Der Die Das Elektrishe Messer...Was?". Became in 1983 member of the hardcore punk group "A/64" as a saxophone player. In 1984 co-founder of, and musician in, the experimental trio "Alfred Startka". Since 1984 resident in Denmark.

Music performances in Denmark, Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, England, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Sardinia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and U.S.A. together with: Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Johannes Bergmark, Jindrich Biskup, Ida Bittová ,Mark Browne, Chris Burn, John Butcher, Don Byron, Conspiracy, Mikolás Chadima, Eugene Chadbourne, Jim Denley, Mihail Dresch, Giessen Improvisers Pool, GUSH, Erhard Hirt, Tim Hodgkinson, John Jasnoch, Catherine Jauniaux, Radu Malfatti, Phil Minton, Jeffrey Morgan, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, John Russell, Hans Schneider, Robyn Schulkowsky, LaDonna Smith, Amanda Stewart, Raymond Strid, Pat Thomas, Roger Turner, Wiesbadener Improvisations Ensemble - among many others. Has for many years had a duo in collaboration with Jindrich Biskup.

In my music, I mostly work with untraditional sources of sound such as mechanical toys, toy instruments, everyday electronic gadgets and diverse home-built amplified instruments, often consisting of scrap/waste.

Performances in Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia. As visual artist, active with exhibition in Brazil, CSSR, DDR, Denmark, Japan, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, USA. Experiments with unconventional materials (wax, foam rubber, plastic, material film) and artforms (series of books). Member of SKRÆP since 1992.

Filmværksted ,Copenhagen, Denmark
"lento" festival, Münster, Dortmund
"ArtToll" festival Kleve, Germany
Apollo Huis, Eindhoven, Holland
"Stuttgartener Winterfilmfestival",
"Film&Musik" festival Münster, Loft, Köln, Germany,
Knitting Factory, New York, U.S.A.,
Symposium Hermit Plasy, ROXY Prague,Czech Republic
"Kill Your Darlings"festival
EEC&EIOsymposion København
"Alternativa" festival, "69", Prague, Czech Rep.
Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden,
"Solo" Den Haag, Holland
"Film/Musik ACTS" Wiesbaden
"Documenta-lokale projekte" Kassel, Germany
MTV commission for the "60 Clocks per minute" /One Minute Cinema/
Manchester Shortfilm Festival, U.K.

Released on
Czech! sampler LP Old Europa Café.1984. Italien
World Class Punk comp. cassette. R.O.I.R. USA
with Mikolás Chadima: Alfred Startka-casstette C90. Old Europa Café 1985. Italy
Total Recess No. 2 comp. cassette C90. Mystery Hearsay 1987. USA
One Day After Another cassette C90. Entertainment Tapes 1987. USA.
duo Biskup/Klapper: Informator II-comp. cassette C90-1988-CSSR
Alfred Startka cassette C90-VIS A VIS. 1989. Japan
2 CD-Tomk 1992. Czech Republic
SKRÆP 93-Tomorrow´s Classics TOCD 6001.1993. Denmark
with Radu Malfatti: Experimental Music from Denmark. MXPCD 0294.1994. Denmark
with John Butcher, Chris Burn: SKRÆP 2-Tomorrow´s Classics TOCD 6004. 1995. Denmark
with Roger Turner: Recent Croaks CD. Acta11.1998. U.K

SKRÆP works
RACHOT Saxophone, amplified objects, homemades, toys, floor percussion1991, as guest
STIAG Homemades, toys, tapes, amplified objects, piano, floor percussion, Echo-sonic organ
BAH! Bhyylll! . . .oh? . . .nnn Amplified objects, tapes, toys. Sonoritheque. Amplified objects, toys, worked up material film, trombone, pipapo, floor percussion
Robot Mummy vs. the Aztec Bubble Amplified objects, tapes, toys, floor percussion
Whisper who dares Amplified objects, tapes, toys, homemades, guitar
KEI-HAKU-TAN-SHO Amplified objects, toys, electronic gadget, floor percussion, bowed plastic
caput Amplified objects, homemades, toys, saxophones, keyboards, bass, percussion
Paragraph Amplified objects, toys, homemades, turntable, tapes, saxophones, prepared piano, floor percussion, bowed plastic


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