Per Buhl Acs

Livjægergade 18
DK 2100 Copenhagen Ø
tel. (45) 31 38 92 20

born1959 in Copenhagen

I am: Reasonably human, musician, father, poetic improviser, sound manipulator, artist with capital A. I have: Composed and played music since 1976. Mostly I have presented my work in group connections, solo performance, mostly in connection with dance/performance projects or SKRÆP.

Music groups

No Knox 77-85: A punk band, which over time devloped into a so called experimental orchestra, for instance, there was improvisation, programe music, world music.
With: Niels Thomsen, Vagn E. Olsson.
Tapehead 80-84: Program music orchestra with T.S.Høeg as leader. Developed to become the first Big Band of the underground in the eighties.
Constituted of members from: No Knox, Cockpit Music, Sort Sol.
Cyklon anti Cyklon 80-92: Concept group with T.Ortved (Sort Sol). Concepts: rock orchestra, gallery sound tapestry/live, record releasing, performance groups tapes/live, dance groups tapes/live, sound and music tracks for tv/film/video.
Guests: T.Martens, M.Hall, and many others.
Pianna Bar 85-92: Jazz-pop orchestra with roots in the fifties and nineties. Members: J.P.Dahl (Peter og Fuglen), S.Tarding (Cockpit Music), X.Foss (T.V.Pop)
Persuaders 91- : An orchestra which searches all compositional corners in the music, taking its departure with instrumentation: Vocals, guitar, clarinet, cello, percussion.
Members: N. Nørlund and S. Hamarlund (Both from "Trains and Boats and Planes").

"Billedstofteater" : 83 "Zoner" Avignon with "Sort Sol".
85 "Sirener" Østerbro swimming pool with X.Foss and T.S.Høeg.
"Hotel Pro Forma": 86 "Terra Australis Incognitas" Budapest "CaC" with Hungarian musicians.
87 "Et Syn" in the National Museum with "CaC" as duo."
Per Flink Basse/Leise Dich Abrahamsen" : 88 "Wernicé
og Brocca": Pieces for 8 vocals, 8 wind instruments, 8 percussion players.

"La Plaque Tournante" 88-92 .
12 first performances in 12 European towns.

Multimedia Performances
Live-music, choreography, video (pre-recorded and live), design and sound design. Idea: Mark Tompkins, Jean-Louis Badet. The performances are individually designed for performance place/town, each with its own mythology.
Example: June 91 Sophienholm garden, "Power of Fate". "Ole Bjerre co/Skrue"
90: "Kaleidoskop" performed in Københavneren. Tape-recorded composition made in collaboration with Jill P. Dahl. 90. "Hello Flowers" "U-matic". One musician and one dancer.

Some of those who cannot be named on account of lack of space: P. Brötzmann, Honey Ponys, Søren Ulrik Thomsen, Tzarina Q Cut, Peter Friis Nielsen, Global Guaranty Orch., Knud Odde, Ads, Peter Bonde, 18th Dye, Nino Orio, Before, Claus Carstensen, Clinch, Søren H. LUV U ALL.

Pære Punk 1979
Cyklon anti Cyklon 1980
Live at Gallery 14K 1981
Nosferatu Festival 1982
Live at home in Room No.1 1982
Complication - a Danish compilation 1984
Filibuster 1984
Et syn 1987
CAC IAOTF No.6 1987
Blood On the Tracks 1988
Blinde vinkler 1989
Klima 1990
Mad Junior 1991

Member of SKRÆP 1991.

SKRÆP works 1991-93
Et møde mellem poeten & bilforhandleren Short wave radio, portable record player, short curcuited B&O, reverse clarinet, 1990 (as guest)
Bogmose Vocal, clarinet, tape
La settima anima Cello, clarinet, vocal, melodica, tape
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