Henning Frimann

tel. (45) 49 21 30 45
born 1960 in Copenhagen
Composer, musician - builder of soundsculptures.

Co-founder of Global Guaranty Orchestra - duo with P.O.Jørgens - which has released 7 LP/CD's and toured in several European countries. He has travelled and studied music in North- and Westafrica, South- and Latinamerica, India and Turkey, with support from the Danish Art Council. He has composed music for choreographers like Anita Saij, Randi Patterson and for the Theater at "Sorte Hest" (Black horse).

For "Museet for Samtidskunst" (Museum of Comtemporary Art), Roskilde, he has created the soundinstallation "LI", which has been used in artexhibitions, concerts, and theaterperformances. Moreover, he has taught in workshops at schools, folk-highschools and culture-houses, in connection with the making of soundsculptures and performances.
In 1995 with Telepatic International Orchestra, he released the CD "The Spiral" as first part of the trilogy "1999".

"I attempt to create the music of the future's concept of world. The total conception of the world will change in these decades - neither religion nor science has been able to explain itself. The music has been grounded in the framework of culture - but now evolves a new and wholehearted way of thinking - everything is allowed - it is all about the nerve of music. There is a will towards openness and positive energy. "

Selected releases :
From 1984 to 1994, 7 LP/CDs with Global Guaranty Orchestra.
Cassettes for the art-periodical Atlas
"Klima" compilation LP
CD with Thomas Berger, 1996

Skræp concerts
Carlsberg Glyptoteque, Copenhagen 1991
State Museum of Art, Copenhagen 1993
Sophieholm Art Exhibition, Lyngby 1994

"Den Anden Opera" (The Second Opera), Copenhagen 1996
Trio Tape with trumpeter Jens Winther, Copenhagen Jazzhouse 1996
Interazzioni 8, Teatro Arka, Cagliari, Sardinia 1996

EU Culturecity Copenhagen 1996:
Nord-Impro (with Johannes Bergmark, Niels Winther, Ketil Theisen, Martin Klapper, Jindrich Biskup a.o.)
"Kronborg" ferry
Junkpercussion soundinstallation (with Roger Turner, Martin Klapper, P.O. Jørgens a.o.)
EEC/EIO (European Experimental Composers/European Improviser's Orchestra)

In Euroskræp 1996 with
Niels Winther and C. Irgens-Møller, touring Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland

Trio Tape with Zam Johnson (USA/Berlin), CIEF 1997
LEM festival, Garcia Sonor, Barcelona 1997

Sardegna Experience with Jørgen Teller, Massimo Zanasi (I) and C. Irgens-Møller, CIEF 1998
Tura-Ya-Moya with Karen Thastum and Udo Erdenreich (D), CIEF 1998
Trio Tape with Zlatko Buric CIEF 1998
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