Søren Gorm
Hollænderdybet 26, st.tv
DK-2300 København S
tel. +45 - 32 57 31 86


Instruments: acoustic and electric bass. Synthesizer and electronics.

Has played jazz and rockmusic with Brdr.Vogels Quartet, Cyklamium and ParaVion. Theaterproductions with Solvognen and Turnus-theater. Has worked with synthesizers and recordingtechniques at Danish Institute for Electroacoustic Music (DIEM) and in his own studio.In connection with SKRÆP emphasis on bass-synthesizer, sequencers, high-frequency sound and modulation.

ParaVion ParaVion (KPLP 1981)
Glødestop Automatic (KMLP 1983)
ParaVion (KmMX 1984)
Klangruin SKRÆP 93, compilation (Olufsen Records TOCD 6001)
Imfekt GN SKRÆP 2 compilation (Olufsen Records TOCD 6004)
Prisal Spiral Experimental Music From Denmark mxp-CD, compilation (1994)
Giga Nano Experimental Music From Denmark MXP-C 0296 compilation (1996) 
Last Affair and Søren Gorm: ODIN CD (IM980-315) (1998)
Højlys SKRÆP3 (SKRÆP CD 01) (1998)
Jørgen Teller and the Empty Stairs CD (2003)
Jørgen Teller and the Empty Stairs: House of Rainbows CD (2004)
Søren Gorm Solo CD: Willbioled Timbrefoece In Formtoasted Frequency-running CD (2004)
ParaVion: 81 + 83 = 07 CD (KMCD 81837) (2007) 2 LPs: "ParaVion ParaVion" and "Glødestop Automatic"  transferred to CD 



  Groups and concerts: 1988 - 2007
*Member of SKRÆP experimental musicforum since it started in 1988. Composing and performing concerts.
*Worked with Cologne-based group "Last Affair 1997-98, both performing as fenderbas player, composing and recording CD. The group performed concerts in Cologne and Copenhagen.
*2000 - 2002 as doublebass player in "21st GUITARS", a group consisting  of 11 el-guitarplayers +1 doublebass player + 3 drummers.
*Since july 2000 doublebass player in duo with Jørgen Teller, composer, guitarplayer, singer. The duo's  first concert was as supporting act for "Sonic Youth" in Copenhagen, july 2000. See later when duo turns to trio. 
*2001. Bassplayer as member of septet backing band for a number of solo singers, performing Bob Dylan songs in the project:  "Forever Young. A Tribite To Bob Dylan", when Bob Dylan turned 60 years.
*2002 - ? The duo with Jørgen Teller turns to trio with drummer Tobias Kirstein named: "Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs" 
*2004-? As doublebass player and composer, duo with Sune T.B. Nielsen, U-bass. 
SKRÆP works 1988 - 2007 
Constral Teoductron (1988) synthesizer, bass-synthesizer, electronics
Bisso Basso (1988) D-50 loops, bass-synthesizer
Tredie Smeltning (1989) as Constral Teoductron
Kling Klong Kleng Klung Klang (1990) soundmodulations for Korg M-1 synthesizer, sequencer, bass-synthesizer, electronic percussion
Punisk Tillid (1991) bass-synthesizer and electronic percussion
Klangoholisk Flexplex (1992) Bassynth., sequencer, programming: Korg M1 og Wavestation, electronic/acoustic percussion
Fermental Kling (1992) As Klangoholisk Flexplex
Klangruin (1992) As Klangoholisk Flexplex, and high-frequence suond-synthesis
Klengtaur (1993) Bassynth., sequencer, programming: Korg M1 og Wavewstation A/D
Sum (1993) As Klengtaur
Prisal Spiral (1994) Sequencer, programmimg: Korg M1 og Wavestation, electric- and doubble-bass, spring-percussion
Friktionssluse (1994) Bassynth., sequencer, programming: Korg M1 og Wavewstation , tenorsaxophone
Prosal Spiral (1995) As Prisal Spiral
Imfekt GN (1995) Korg Wavestation A/D, sequencer, Fender Mustang Bass
Basso Bisso (1995-96) Programming:Korg M1 Wavestation A/D og EX, Sequencer, Fender Mustang Bass, Synth. Bass
Gefions Sjælvand 1(1996) Programming: Korg M1, Wavestation A/D, AKAI S-2000 Sampler, Sequencer
Gefions Sjælvand 2 (1996) Programming: Korg M1, Wavestation A/D, AKAI S-2000 Sampler, Sequencer, soundsource is stroken and dipped in water (the sound amplified by underwater-mikes), female voice
Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe 1996:
Participated in SKRÆP's Cultural City-project: "Odyssey For Ears" with Basso Bisso, Gefion Sjælvand 1+2,
A call to Attention, Concert for Police-Equipment and Fountain Installation (as organiser and idea-man)
SAB-IDIM (1997) Wavestation A/D, MIDI-bass
Marcello's Entré (1997) Sampler-sequence, voice, choir, electronics, altosax, percussion
Firmamentet rydder bulen (=The Firmament Clears the Joint) (1998) Electronics, voice, el-bass, percussion, Wavestation A/D - sequence
Højlys (=Highlight) (1998) Sampler, electronics
Le Sucre Du Printemps (1999) Clarinet (prepared), soundmodule, sampler, voice, el-bass, soundsculpture
Rumeftersyn 23/9 '99 v. Firmamentet A/S (= Spacecheck Oct. 23. '99 by the Firmament Inc.) (1999) Electronics
Stønheden og Umyret (2000) Vocal, keyboards, bass, percussion. My song in SKRÆP's Soncontest the day after the Euro-Song-Contest, was placed No. 2
Trusser I Tyrol (=Panties In Tyrol) (2000) Trombone, el-guitar, el-bass, voice, saxophones
Capri Folium (2001) Percussion, electronics, saxophones, el-guitar, doublebass, soundsculpture
Over og Under Vandloftet (=Above and Below the Watercieling) (2001) Electronics
Firmamentet Slår Til Igen (=The Firmament Strikes Back) (2001) Voice, Synthesizer, el-bass, percussion 
Sonar Plexus (2002) Marimbas, el-guitar, synth, el-bass, percussion
4 X Moment= (2002) Laptop, sampler+synth, el-bass, doublebass, pre-recorded CD 
Perle Frival (2002) 4 pre-MIDI analog synthesizers from 1960 - 70
Hvaffenen Erstatning (2003) Flygel, analog synth, el-guitars, altosax, voice, laptop, doublebass, drums
Ædel LINIE STØJ (2003) Flygel, analog synth, el-guitars, altosax, voice, laptop, doublebass, drums
Cirklens Kvadratur (2003) El-guitar, vocal, altosax, doublebass, percussion
Vinklens Tredeling (2003) El-guitar, doublebass, percussion 
basUbas A+B+C (2004) U-bas, doublebass
Rytterstatuen Gi'r Fredagsbajere Om Onsdagen, Ridder Han Mon For Hurtigt. Del 1+2 (2004) Le Bastard (el-guitar with 2 bass-strings), synth, altosax, laptop, doublebass, percussion 
Længere End Bort: 1. Summen, 2. Neon (2005) Doublebass, soundsculpture, sound-samples 
Monk's Støjbiks I (2005) Le Bastard (el-guitar with 2 bass-strings), synth, clarinet, laptop, doublebass, percussion
Monk's Støjbiks II (2005) Le Bastard (el-guitar with 2 bass-strings), doublebass, percussion
Mellemmen I (2006) Le Bastard (el-guitar with 2 bass-strings), flygel, clarinet, laptop, doublebass, percussion
Mellemmen II (2006) Le Bastard (el-guitar with 2 bass-strings), doublebass, percussion
VUKRAL A+B+F (2007) U-bas, doublebass, electronics




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