Olga Magieres

Øster Farimagsgade 73, 1.
DK 2100 Copenhagen Ø., Denmark.
tel. (45) 35 430330
mobil +45 40 75 95 17
e-mail: olga@post.tele.dk

Composer and pianist

Born 1955 in Molodecno, USSR in a Polish- Jewish family, originally from Warsaw. Grown up in Poland and since 1971 resident in Denmark.

1972-1981 studies at the Music Academy of Jytland and the Royal Danish Music Academy in Copnhagen with piano as major subject. Teachers : Georgyi Vasarhelyi, John Damgaard, Herman D. Koppel.
1980 - 1981 - studies at the Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem with Sonja Valine.
1981 - 1987 mastercourses in France and Norway. Among prominent teachers : Guido Agosti, Carlo Zecchi, Stanesi, Deniz Gelenbe.

1986 begins to work with improvisation.

1987 performance at Galleri Asbæk in Copenhagen in a happening with artist and painter Dorris Bloom.
In the same year taking contact to the composer Per Nørgaard and with his support working at computer compositions at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electro-Acoustic Music) in Århus.

1989 - "Radience" , a computermusic piece performed in Gallery Astel in connection with an exhibition of painters and installation artist Steen Krarup and Page Leroy.

1990 - a tape composition for an exhibition of a Polish painter Marcin Osiowski, Gallery Astel.

1991 - joined SKRÆP
Following cooperation with the group. Concerts at Charlottenborg, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteque, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Art, The Second Opera etc. Concerts in Århus and Ålborg. Improvisational concerts in Germany, Poland, Italy, Israel.

1993 - creation of trio MAF, with saxophonist Lotte Anker and Peter Friis Nielsen, bass guitar.
Concerts at The exhibtion hall "Den Frie", Copenhagen in connection with the established artist group Decembristerne.In cooporation with the trio MAF, concerts with British musicians as Tim Hodgkinson and Adam Bohman. Among others, cooporation with composer and musician Zwi Joffe (Israel), artist and musician Harold Rubin (Israel), Martin Klapper (Czech Republic), and the Danish musicians Christer Irgens-Møller, Jørgen Teller, Per Buhl Acs & Niels Winther.

Spring 2000 - improvisations based on Jewish music tradition and songs in Jiddish. Cooporation with musician Yael Acher and performer Joel Katz, as Trio Joy. Participation in SKRÆP Grande Pris 2000. Nearest future plans: Concerts in Israel, October 2000, November 17th concert with Trio MAF in Copenhagen.

Represented on following recordings
Skræp 93 1993
Skræp 2 1996
Skræp 3 1998

Experimental Music From Denmark `96

Received scholarships from Danish National Art Foundation 1996, 1999, 2000

selected SKRÆP works 1991-
Improvisations solo piano
Cyklus II - 12 miniaturer solo piano
Martidol piano, amplified objeckts, homemades, toys
Improvisation On A Subject solo piano
black and white Solo piano
"Haiku"- on a poem voice, piano
Fortsættelsen af proceduren eller vandring i skumringen solo piano, on SKRÆP 93 (TOCD 6001)
Just solo piano
Patchwork piano, voice
The Dead Man piano, voice. On SKRÆP 2 (TOCD 6004)
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