Pere Oliver Jørgens

Pere Oliver Jørgens
aka Peter Ole Jørgensen
Humlebækvej 56
DK 3480 Fredensborg
tel. +45 - 49 19 20 30

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, primarily occupied with percussion. Born 1958 in Sorgenfri.

In 1989 recieved the three-year grant of Statens Kunstfond (the National Art Foundation) for composing.

Co-leader of the following groups :

Cockpit Music formed in 1978 with Thorsten Høeg.
Grønvirke formed in 1982 with Freddy Frank and Sten Birger Jørgensen.
Global Guaranty Orchestra formed in 1983 with Henning Frimann.
Jørgens/Moss Duo formed in 1988 with David Moss.
The Wild Mans Band formed in 1989 with Peter Friis Nielsen and Peter Brötzmann.
Dog God formed in 1993 with Vagn E. Olsson.

Has also worked with Evan Parker, Zev, Marie Kawazu, Hugh Metcalfe, Steve Hubback, Andrea Centazzio, Christer Irgens-Møller, Frank Lowe, Pierre Dørge, Christian Kyhl, Peter Schneiderman, Martin Klapper, Jørgen Teller, Mihail Dresch and John Tchicai.

Has composed for film, performance, video, theater and dance, Didier Dechamp, Zorica Zeljko, Ann Popoulis, Malene Steensgård, New Now Dancers, Kom De Bagfra, Kompagni, Randi Patterson and Anita Saij. Joined Skræp in august 1991.

Cockpit Music
Cockpit Music 2 LP (Karma Music 1981)
Snow Lake City LP (Karma Music 1982)
Salute for General Wasteland LP (Ninth World Music (NWM) 1983)
Mechanism of Defence MC 1984 (with Poul Borum)
Stop/Go (NWM 1985)
Hands Up 2 LP (Olufsen Records (DOC) 1988)

Global Guaranty Orchestra
The World Is Out of Joint LP (NWM 1984)
Lament for Enver Hoxa MC (Atlas 1985)
Sunset Hotel (DOC 1989)
Different Stages In Different Lives (DOC1990)
God's Warehouse (DOC 1991)
Musical Hair Splitting In a Remote World CD (Pingo 1993)
Joy Of Life: Feat. David Moss, Andrea Centazzio, Steve Hubbard (Ulania Records 1989).

Dog God
DOG GOD CD (Tomorrow's Classics TOCD 1993).

Pere Oliver Jørgens
Songs From the Ninth World MC 1984, For You CD 1994.

Plus various compilations edited in USA and Europa.

Music=Sound, rhythm, energy, and inner pulse. All sounds are used - withered leaves on the forest floor, self-constructed instruments as well as traditional - they partake on equal terms in the compositions. In this way, the traditional instruments are not essentially different from the sounds of everyday life: hammer strokes, compass saws, whistling kettels, the grocer's rattle with the bottles, etc. They are used with equal expressiveness and the same weight as traditional instruments.

SKRÆP works 1989-93
Warm Winter (1989) Global Guaranty Orch. (as guests)
TESLA solo percussion
Deep Forest solo percussion
LAIPIO marimba
3 STØKKER for Cockpit Music altosaxophone, guitar, drums
Li duo for sound installation
Kongens Fald percussion and kettledrums
Skuffen er fuld og/med en skrigende unge el-guitar, percussion. Composed with Christer Irgens-Møller
Tatabanya bass, bass clarinet,keyboard, amplified objects, percussion (Ghost-in-the-Machine)
inter tuba... bass, soprano sax, keyboard, amplified objects, percussion (Ghost-in-the-Machine feat. Evan Parker)
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