Peter Friis Nielsen

Østervoldgade 28 st. mdtf.
DK- 1350 K
tel.+ 45 33 32 61 17

composer and bassplayer
born 1948

Since the late 60s he has been the red string in avantgarde- and improvised music in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the beginning of the70s in Coronarias Dans with pianist Kenneth Knudsen and drummer Claus Bøje, with the releases "Breathe" and "Visitor", and untill 1980 in Avantis with saxophonist Christian Kyhl and Bøje, a group that has released "4 el 5 Avantis" (Sweet Dragon) and worked with several soloists, Don Cherry, John Tchicai (as), Marc Levin (tp), Dan Nedergaard (tp) and Stig Møller (g and voc).
In the seventies he also played in "Zirenes" playing the music of Marilyn Mazur (p), with Uffe Markussen (reeds) and Bent Clausen (dm).
The trio Clinch with pianist Christer Irgens-Møller and Bøje was formed 1981 and has released "Fri frei libre" (Olufsen 1986), "Tchicai/Clinch" (1988).
Pere Oliver Jørgens took over on the drums in 1987 and in 1990 the group changed name Ghost-in-the-Machine. This group has worked with several soloists , - for a number of years with John Tchicai and also with Hungarian Mihail Dresch (sax), Paul Rutherford (tb), Peter Brötzmann (sax) and released in 1996 "Evan Parker and Ghost-in-the-Machine" on LeoLab i London.
A duo project with Irgens-Møller resulted in the CD "MeYou" (1994). Plays in the trio Zeuthen-Friis-Mazur with saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen and drummer Marilyn Mazur, released with "Zeuthen-Friis-Mazur" (Olufsen). Also in saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe Trio (S) and drummer Peeter Uuskyla (S) with the releases "Sweet Odd" and "Claq".
He is also in the trio Anker/Friis/Poulsen with saxophonist Lotte Anker and guitarplayer Hasse Poulsen, released on CD of the same name on AvArt. He works often in other konstellations like "Wild Man's Band" with Pere Oliver Jørgens and Peter Brötzmann, and furthermore with people like Frank Lowe, Pierre Dørge (g), kotoplayer Mia Masaoka (USA) and Olga Magieres (p). In 1996 Culturcity programme in the project "Sweethearts In A Drugstore" with tromboneplayer Johannes Bauer (D), Allan Silva (synth), Phil Durrant (violin and electronics) and keyboardplayer Pat Thomas (GB).
His work with Kenneth Knudsen is mainly studiobased and has resulted in "Sound & Silence" (DaCapo), 1995.
He has toured Germany, USA, Italy, Hungarn, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
Member of SKRÆP in 1995.
Festivals: 1st Scandinavian Festival of Improvised Music Copenhagen 1994
2nd Scandinavian Festival of Improvised Music Oslo 1997
Taktlos Lausanne/Zürich 1998

Fri frei libre Clinch(Olufsen Records 1986)
Tchicai/Clinch (Olufsen Records 1989)
The Garden Is Christer Irgens-Møller (Olufsen Records 1993)
MeYou Christer Irgens-Møller & Peter Friis Nielsen (Olufsen Records 1994)
Ghost-in-the-Machine with Evan Parker (LeoLab, London 1996)
Sound & Silence Kenneth Knudsen (DaCapo)
Sweet Odd Vinkeloe trio
ClaqVinkeloe trio
SIAD Sweethearts In A Drugstore (Ninth World)
Zeuthen/Friis/Mazur (Olufsen)
Anker/Friis/Poulsen (AvArt)
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